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Crime in a developing nation is an obstacle to its development. In this world, where the whole
thing is available at a click, crimes are also been committed at a click. The Computer
Technology has boosted up the human life but as the saying goes that “Every coin has two
sides”, similarly this technology has its unlawful use done by the Criminals leading to what we
call as Cyber Crime. However, India got armed herself with The Information Technology Act,
2000 as drastically amended in 2008, to fight against the unlawful use of Computer Technology.
This paper will try to define the word ‘Cyber Crime’ and will focus on the major amendments
made in IT Act in 2008. The paper will also deal with the word computer crimes which has the
wider meaning than that of Cyber Crime. Further, it will also deal with different computer
related offences including Hacking, Virus, Trojans and Worms, Cyber Pornography, Cyber
Stalking, Logic Bombs and many more.
Cyber criminals always opt an easy way

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