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Indian population is included many of the tribes and of which still
many of the tribes are most backward, isolated, alienated and away from
civilization. Pardhi tribe is one of such tribes which was enlisted by the
British under the Criminal Tribes Act, 1871. Due to forest laws and the
Criminal Tribes Act, the Pardhis were lost their source of livelihood and
living places like forests. Consequently, now the Pardhi are most backward
and most of them are working in unorganized sector or small business. Their
social culture is orthodox and as such, they are illiterates, neglected and away
from civilization and even they are isolated and alienated by other people
from the mainstream of the society. Hence, the Pardhi tribe is facing many
of the problems and challenges in society and the present study is made to
explore the problems of the Pardhi tribal in Aland taluka of Kalaburagi
district. As the study is based on survey of Pardhi tribe people, total 63
persons from 63 families

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