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Victimization of women started from the time immemorial by the imperial powers when
they wanted to colonize a country. Women are physically abused, raped, tortured and humiliated
by the colonial and patriarchal powers in the society. The dominant powers to showcase their
authority victimized women and used them as objects of pleasure. Disgrace published in 1999,
by J.M.Coetzee portrays the victimization of both the colonizer and the colonized women in
South Africa at the verge of colonization. Women characters like Soraya, Melanie and Lucy are
victimized and disgraced in the society in terms of gender, rape and economic status. The novel
was awarded the Booker prize for its authentic portrayal of the post-apartheid situation in South
Africa. J.M.Coetzee is a highly committed novelist who always voices out the trauma and
sufferings faced by the marginalized people in South Africa

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